Darin's New DRC-75 Cereal Bar Cutting Machine

January 20, 2017

Latest company news about Darin's New DRC-75 Cereal Bar Cutting Machine
Darin designed new machines for cereal bar cutting machine. Enclosed you can check the details for reference.
Our New Molde DRC-75 Cereal Bar Cutting Machine had advantages as followed:
.DRC-75 Cereal Bar Cutting Line can produce all kinds of shapes of cereal bars with the raw material of rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, fagopyrum tataricm Gaertn, maize, broomcorn, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc.
1)Combine Mixer with material hopper to reduce labor cost.
2)Material hopper is made by non-stickey HMWHDPE
3)Siemens touch screen controls the whole machine.
4)Install adjust rule on the roller to realize accurate thickness.
5)Vertical culter is processed to ensure 100% cutting.
6)Continuous horizontal culter to increase 40% capacity.
7)Longer conveying belt to prolong the cooling time.
If any interests abouy cereal bar machinery,please feel free to contact us.