Muesli Bar/Nut Bar Cutting Machine

June 11, 2021

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Muesli Bar/Nut Bar Cutting Machine


Muesli Bar Cutting Machine can produce all kinds of shapes of cereal bars with the raw material of rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, fagopyrum tataricm Gaertn, maize, broomcorn, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc.


Basic Procedures: Broken materials (peanuts, nuts, almonds, etc.) - Melting sugar - Mixing nuts with sugar - Forming & cutting cereal bar - Packing

Muesli Bar Cutting Machine

Features for Muesli Bar Cutting Machine:

Ø The DRC-75 Cereal bar cutting machine added mixer machine above the feeder. The machine come true the automatic mixing the raw material and pour the raw material to feeder. Mixer machine have the heat preservation function and could set the mixer time.

Ø The feeder of DRC-75 cereal bar cutting machine have the function of keeping the raw material warn to advoid mixed material cold and soildfication.

Ø DRC-75 cereal bar machine use the PTFE belt. This belt have the feature of anti-sticking, better tenacity and not easy to damage.

Ø The pressing roller is made of food grade HMWHDPE material, more healthy with anti-sticking function. The side of roller mark the scale. Customer could accurately adjust the height of roller to meet the different thickness product requirement.

Ø We added extra two sets of fans above the conveyor to cool the cereal bar quickly and become hard soon.

Ø The cutter in the longitudinal direction take the cutter groove design. It will make sure the cereal bar be cutted 100% , no sticking and separate automaticly.

Ø The cutter in the horizontal direction could continually automatic cut, no stop. At the same time , the capacity increased from 300kg/hr to 500kg/hr.

Ø The useful width of cereal bar cutting machine is 540mm.

Ø The connection of forming part and conveyor part use the gear drive, it is easy installment and disassembly.

Ø DRC-75 Cereal bar cutting machine use the WEG motor, Siemens Brand touch scree, international famous electric parts. Good quality and good guarantee.

Ø The staff could 180 ° rotation operation the PLC touch screen, flexible and convenient.

Ø Horizontal structure which covers smaller area with high efficiency.

Ø Controlled by PLC with touch screen with friendly interface.

Ø Easily adjust length and width via touch screen.

Ø The shape is square by vertical cutter and horizontal cutter.

Ø Mechanical pressing & rubbing, does not hurt nuts, without waste.

Ø Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.

Ø Hopper and conveyor belt are both non-sticky processed. All the parts may contacts food are all non-toxic material, oil and high temperature resistance.

Cooling conveyor can be customerized as demand.


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Muesli Bar Cutting Machine